Setting Your Watch

Instructions for setting your watch for both mechanical and quartz movements

Step 1: Pull out the crown all the way.
Step 2: Turn the crown to make the hands turn clockwise – don’t turn them counterclockwise.
Step 3: If you don’t have a date function on your watch, just set it to the desired time and push in the crown all the way (and screw it down if you have a screwdown crown.) You are done! If however you do have a date function, keep turning the hands clockwise until the date changes. You now know where is midnight on your watch!
Step 4: Keep rotating the hands to get to the desired time. If it’s afternoon, make sure you rotate the hands all the way through 12 hours and then set the time so the watch knows it’s PM.
Step 5: Push in the crown fully. Next part is setting the correct date.

Setting the date

Please note: If the time on your watch is between the hours of 10pm and 2am, it’s not the best idea to change the date manually. The watch would be in the process of changing the date over, and forcing the date to change could damage the date mechanism. Either just wait until after 2am or manually change the time after 2am, then set the date and then go back and re-adjust the time.

Step 1: After the time has been set and the crown is pushed in all the way, pull the crown out one step or click.
Step 2: Rotate the crown to advance the date forwards to the correct date.
Step 3: Push the crown back in all the way. If you have a screwdown crown, push it in and rotate it away from you until it is tight.

You’re done!