Custom Watches

It is important to point out, from the beginning, that Scott designs and builds his own, original and unique brand of wristwatches. In addition, he is very careful to avoid plagiarism and he is pedantic about respecting copyright and trademarks. Scott emphasises “I am scrupulous regarding originality: I avoid compromising my designs by staying well away from the intellectual property of others.”

At Wilk Watchworks, in addition to the styles of wristwatch you can see on this web site, and at the various shows, there are some work slots available during the year for specific, customer-requested custom wristwatches. The approach we take constitutes a complete process, from design to finished product, and includes the creation of a blueprint from the e-mail dialogue in which we engage, by which you communicate your desires and preferences.

Once the specifications have been defined, it is up to Scott to come up with a design, a design which he has conceived, incorporating your preferences. Please bear in mind that in the design, it is imperative that Scott ensures the soundness of the engineering, the aesthetics of the timepiece and the practicability and usability of the finished product.

Here is an example of a custom wristwatch project:






Here is another example of a custom wristwatch project, this time for Mason Plumlee, formerly of the Duke University Blue Devils basketball team, in which the Blue Devils’s logo forms the dial for each custom watch. “I want to say thanks to Mason for coming to me with this fantastic project” – Scott Wilk.




The following images are more examples of custom wristwatch projects, with images taken from my Wilk Watchworks  Instagram account.

The Maki Project

This watch was originally a custom project that Scott undertook for a special customer, Mr. Maki.

Please note: The sterling silver case and dial of this watch were handcrafted by Scott as well as being assembled by Scott in Canada. The mechanical movement of the watch is of Swiss origin.