The standard type of clasp that comes on almost all leather straps is called a tang clasp. While these clasps are very secure while in use, they are sometimes difficult to do up, and will cause your strap to wear faster than it would using a deployment clasp. I do offer button release dual deployment clasps. I highly recommend these clasps as they make it much easier to take your watch on and off. They come in regular stainless steel, or in stainless steel with an ion-plated coating in black, yellow gold or rose gold colours. They are available for all sizes of watch strap. An example is pictured below.


Dual Deployment Clasp

Deployment clasps are designed to reduce stress on the strap of a watch. You can adjust a deployment clasp and attached strap to fit your wrist size, which makes the clasp a very practical and convenient tool for extending the life of your watch strap.

The push buttons, one on either side of the clasp, control the opening and closing mechanism. They offer additional security and prevent the clasp from opening on its own.

How to Open a Dual Deployment Clasp

  1. Press both push buttons simultaneously.

How to Close a Dual Deployment Clasp

  1. Fold and push gently on the lower of the two hinged clasp ends until it clicks shut over the base.
  2. Then, making sure that the tongue end of the strap is poised to slip into the first of the strap keepers (loops), fold and push gently on the upper hinged clasp end, until you hear it also click shut over the base.

How to Adjust a Dual Deployment Clasp

  1. Unhook the hinged lip of the clasp, on the underside of the strap – it has a small post which fits into the hole in the strap.
  2. Slide the clasp along the strap to the required length, and reposition the post into the newly selected hole.
  3. Press closed the hinged lip of the clasp – you will hear it click shut.