Dial Design

There are many options for creating a custom dial in one of my watches.

It may be something as simple as changing a couple of the luminous pigment colours to suit your taste, in a design that already exists.

I can modify one of my designs to change the look of the watch dial by changing the font numbers or letters, for example. Or it could mean removing or adding design elements such as lines or shapes.

If you want to be especially creative, I can work with you to create a brand new dial design from scratch. In the end, though, the final design must be one which I have conceived, incorporating all your specifications and requirements, of course, but I need to take good care to ensure the soundness of the engineering and the practicability of the final outcome. In addition, I am very careful not to be plagiaristic, nor do I wish to infringe copyright and trademarks, and I strictly avoid compromising myself with the intellectual property of others.

In scenarios where the actual design of the dial is changing, not just the colours, I would provide you with line drawings and/or 3D computer images of the dial for you to approve before I move forward with creating your watch.

As you can imagine, providing a price list here for every possible type of job is pretty much impossible. The pricing of these types of watches is individually determined, based upon the amount of time and the complexity of the work involved. Typically, adjustments to a dial design costs in the $250 – $500 range. Fully custom dials typically fall in the $400 – $800 range. These price ranges are for the design work only and are added to the base price of the watch.  These ranges are not absolute and pricing may vary outside of these ranges depending on the scope of the work.

Here are a couple of pictures showing the typical computer images you would receive during the design stage of the custom dial process. These images are really just for you to see the layout, proportions, and sizing of various elements of the design. They are not meant to convey colour choices.

thompson1 thompson3

Left-Handed Options

Left handed versions of most of my watch designs are now available. If you see any design on this website that you’d like to purchase as a ‘lefty’ version, I can alter the design for you. This means that the crown will be located at the 9 o’clock position (rather than the 3 o’clock position), and if there is a small subsidiary seconds sub-dial, that might have to be moved to another position on the dial – see the images above and below. Please feel free to contact me via the web site if you are interested in converting any design into a left handed version.

DSC00886_o DSC00899_o