There are many ways that I can personalize your watch. Personalization options are generally along the lines of some text, initials, or a special personal symbol that I incorporate somewhere into the watch design. The pictures below illustrate some of the personalizing I have done in the past.

This picture shows the customer’s initials incorporated right into the dial itself. Many of my designs can accommodate this approach. I can make the letters float like in the picture below, or I can recess them down into the dial, and if requested, I can fill them with a luminous pigment so that they glow in the dark. Please see the colour chart in the ‘Luminous Pigments’ section of ‘Dial Materials and Colouring Techniques’ for the available luminous colours. The charge for doing this is variable depending on the scope of the work, but generally this adds $75 – $200 to the price of the watch.









Another option is to have a name or initials engraved right onto one wheel of the watch movement so they it can been seen through the back of the watch. Here are 4 fonts to choose from, that have proved quite popular. Unfortunately, extremely “scripty” fonts tend to look horrible on curves and are not suggested. If you don’t see a font you like exactly, you can always let me know the name of the font you like, and if I have it, most likely it can be used.font selection

Here are some examples of engraved wheels that I have posted to my Instagram page.

@mrsinista13 wearing his personalized #wilkwatch in an interesting way. Thanks for the pic Angel!

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Caseback shot of his personalized Lydian Tourbillon LE from @chaotictheorist

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Throwback to this great caseback shot of his personalized Rydian from @frankswatches

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Great caseback shot by @itewk of his 41mm PVD Maki featuring personalization on the crown wheel.

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Here is an engraving I did on the movement ring for an automatic wristwatch. The riong has also been electroplated with 24k yellow gold in the words and palladium on the surface.



Lastly, I have been doing some etching work on the back crystal of the watch for some clients. This gives the glass a frosted and more subtle look and allows you to still see the intricacies of the movement beneath. This typically adds $120 to the price of the watch. Frosted lettering or images are sometimes not possible depending on the intricacy of the design.