The world of watch straps can be daunting to the uninitiated – it is a vast and sometimes perplexing place. To sum it up: if you can think of a material, there is probably a watch strap made of it out there. So, I try to offer a wide range of different types of watch straps, but they generally fall into two different categories, leather and metal.

Most of my leather straps, excluding most exotics, are available to purchase separately as replacements through the Straps section in my shop. If you want to upgrade to a certain strap when purchasing a watch, that option is generally available when choosing all the options for your watch. If it is not, please contact me via the web site with your special request.

Please also be aware that if you want a strap made out of a material that is not leather or metal, I may be able to find it. Fabric straps have been quite popular lately and a wide range of rubber straps is also available.

Leather Straps

I offer a couple different types and styles of premium leather strap. The leathers used and the construction of the straps is of a high quality and the big difference between my straps and most other straps is the material used on the underside – leather on mine. Most ordinary leather straps have a suede material on the underside which tends to absorb moisture more easily and leads to a quicker deterioration of the strap. I find that a leather underside helps add to the longevity of the strap.

The first strap pictured is my newest strap available, made just for my 44mm and 41mm diameter watches. These straps are available in 22mm or 20mm lug widths. This strap is available in charcoal, walnut, tawny, or sand colours (top to bottom), and also has my logo embossed on the underside. Bottom strap in the picture shows the underside. The tang clasp also features my logo engraved on its left side.

prem leather new 2015


In addition, there are premium leather straps that have thick stitching. These straps are available for any of my watches. They come in black, brown, or tan. Tan and brown are pictured. Bottom two straps show the underside.

premium thick stitch1

I also offer straps that have different colour stitching. I use these straps on certain styles of my Daedalian line of watches, but these are available as an option on all my watches. These straps come in black with red, blue, orange or white stitching, or brown with white stitching. The leather of these straps is a waterproofed type of leather. Red and blue stitching are pictured.

leather red and blue stitch

There is also available a huge range of straps in exotic leathers. Here is a list of some that are out there, but please be aware that this is not a comprehensive list.  I’ve included a few pictures of some of these straps as examples below. Please also note that at this time I only sell exotic leathers domestically.

– ostrich
– lizard
– crocodile
– alligator
– pearl ray
– shark
– eel
– salmon
– catfish
– frog
– sheep
– lamb
– camel
– deer
– snake
– elk
– bull
– pig
– peccary
– shell cordovan
– goat
– beaver
– buffalo
– cow udder

Lizard Leather

Lizard leather

Shark Leather

Shark leather

Stingray Leather

Stingray leather

Sturgeon(fish) leather

Fish (Sturgeon) leather

Crocodile Strap

Crocodile leather

Metal Straps

I use a couple of different styles of stainless steel straps for my watches. Both styles are of a solid link type of construction and are very durable. I would always recommend you to use a solid link type of construction for any metal watch strap you may use, rather than a folded metal type of construction. The folded metal type is much more prone to breakage and has many crevices which will collect dirt very quickly. I don’t use folded metal straps on any of my watches.

The first strap pictured is the ‘Brushed and Polished’ style of strap I offer. It also comes in a black PVD coated style for my 44mm diameter black PVD coated cases. The clasp is a button release single fold clasp.

DSC01721 DSC01723

The second strap pictured is the ‘All Brushed’ style of stainless steel strap. Please note that this style of strap does have curved ends to fit the contours of your watch, (they are just not pictured.) The clasp is a single fold friction clasp with safety catch.

DSC01719 DSC01729