Care & Maintenance

Care and Maintenance Tips for all Watches

Winding: Whether your watch is self winding or hand wound, it is recommended to wind your watch daily, even if you are not wearing it. If your watch is left for long periods of time (months) without running, the oils and lubricants in the movement may start to thicken, which may impair proper functioning. Your automatic or self winding watch can also be wound by winding the crown.

More detail regarding winding: It is best to wind your watch by rotating the crown when it is closest to the case, that is, “fully closed.” Winding is best achieved by winding /rotating the crown in a clockwise direction only. Your watch may safely be wound fully. That means that you may wind the watch until you feel the resistance in the crown indicating that the main spring is tightly wound. We suggest that the watch be fully wound daily, or about every forty hours, which is how long it would run if fully wound. In the case of watches with a Power Reserve Tourbillon movement, we suggest that the watch be fully wound every three days or so, about every eighty hours, which is how long it would run if fully wound. (If there is still room to wind the main spring beyond the power reserve indicator marking, that’s no problem at all.) If the watch is not being worn, try to wind it fully once every two to three weeks.

Water Resistance: All Wilk Watchworks timepieces have a 3 ATM rating for water resistance. This means that you can splash water on the watch and it shouldn’t be affected. Activities such as hand washing or being caught in light rain should be fine. Swimming, diving, showering, bathing, taking a jacuzzi or sauna, or any submersion in water whilst wearing your watch should be avoided. (Even simply leaving the watch in the washroom during a hot shower or bath is not advisable.) Rapid temperature changes and  extremes of temperature should also be avoided.

Magnetism: Unfortunately, we are exposed to magnetism in one way or another every day. This can have adverse effects on your watch. Usually this causes your watch not to keep accurate time, either by speeding up or slowing down the timekeeping mechanism. Avoid leaving your watch near computers, cell phones, tablets, stereo speakers or any piece of electronic equipment. If you notice your watch is not keeping very good time, please contact me.

Cleaning: If your watch has become dirty, the best way to clean it is with a soft damp cloth. Do not run it under water or try and clean it with an old toothbrush as this can compromise the water resistance qualities of the watch. Also, do not use any commercial cleaning products as this can damage the seals and gaskets inside your watch. Perfumes and cosmetics can also have an adverse effect on the seals, gaskets and metals of your timepiece. If your watch does become heavily soiled, I do offer a cleaning and refurbishing service to restore your watch to a ‘like new’ condition.

Battery Changes: If you do own a quartz or battery operated watch, take care to get the battery changed very soon after it expires. Leaving a dead battery in your watch for extended periods of time can cause extensive damage to your watch as the battery  may leak.

Bumps and Shocks: Your Wilk Watchworks timepiece does have shock protection built into the movement, but it’s still best to avoid impact to the watch. Racquet sports like tennis or squash, and sports in which one uses a bat, or even golf, can impart too much force onto the movement of your watch. It’s best to remove your watch when playing these sports or when participating in any other high impact activities. If you do notice that your watch is not running well or has completely stopped after a drop or severe shock, please contact me right away.

Scheduled Maintenance: For all of my watches I recommend that you bring it back to me for maintenance every 3 to 5 years. Just like a vehicle, the oils and lubricants in your watch need to be changed to keep the wear on your movement down to a minimum, and to keep the watch running smoothly. If neglected for several years, the watch can become damaged by the oils congealing, or the seals may fail and allow moisture to enter the watch. It is important for the longevity of your watch to have it maintained on a regular basis.