• Lydian Skeleton Tourbillon Limited Edition

    ****Update: The limited edition is currently sold out, but I am making a regular version of this watch. Please visit http://wilkwatchworks.com/product/the-lydian-skeleton-tourbillon to order a regular, non-limited edition version of this watch *****


    Announcing my upcoming limited edition, The Lydian Skeleton Tourbillon!

    This limited edition will be an edition of 30 pieces, the same number as the original Lydian Tourbillon LE. The edition numbers will be engraved on the caseback of each watch. Here are the other specs for the watch:

    Size: 44mm diameter, 15mm thick, 54mm top to bottom of lugs

    Case and Caseback: 316L stainless steel, 5ATM water resistance

    Dial: ‘Lydian’ style skeletonized dial with Swiss super-luminova in the hour markers, seconds markers, logo, and hands

    Crown: 7mm diameter, square style with recessed logo

    Crystal: Domed Sapphire(front), flat mineral(back)

    Clasp: Stainless Steel Deployment Clasp

    Movement: 1 minute flying skeletonized tourbillon movement, hand wound, 28800 vph, 40 hour power reserve, Chinese made

    Strap: your choice of either premium black or brown leather

    Hands:  tapered style, white Grade A Super-Luminova

    Warranty:  2 years

    Pricing for this watch will be $1150 Canadian dollars plus shipping. This is a very special price for the limited edition watches only. Normally this watch will start at $1325, but I’ve also decided to throw in a free sapphire crystal upgrade, a free premium leather strap upgrade and a free deployment clasp upgrade. Nomal pricing for all of this together would be $1520. So you get a reduced price for the watch plus extras for supporting the launch of my skeleton tourbillon models.

    To purchase one of these watches, I will be posting each individual watch of the limited edition to my website for purchase on March 21, 2015 at 11am Eastern standard time in this area of my website: http://wilkwatchworks.com/product-category/limited-editions/

    This is a first come, first served type of sale. Each individually numbered watch will be available at the specific time listed above, so if you are early enough, you can choose which number in the edition you’d like. If you would like a specific number in the edition, I would suggest registering yourself on my website ahead of time, to save time during the checkout process.

    The build time for these watches is looking to be about 4-5 months from the time about half the LE is sold. I do require the full payment up front, but I will be keeping everyone notified through emails about the progress of the build, which will include pictures. Of course, I’m always here to answer your questions as well.

    Here are some preliminary pictures of the prototype of the Lydian Skeleton Tourbillon. There will be more pictures coming before the launch of the LE, mostly through social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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  • Tourbillons

    My tourbillon watches are now available for regular ordering through my website and are now also available for all of my regular customization options. I plan on having more designs available for the tourbillons soon, hopefully in time to be shown at the Signatures Ottawa show and the One of a Kind Christmas Show. Please see my  show listing page for all the details about where I’ll be this holiday season if you wanted to see the watches in person. Also, if you are in the Toronto area, I’d be happy to meet with you by appointment.

    I’d also like to thank all the people who ordered the limited edition tourbillons and pre-ordered tourbillon watches. You really made it possible for me even to launch these watches and so I thank you for putting your faith in me!

  • Tourbillon Limited Edition Project

    ***Update August 08, 2014*** The limited edition has been sold out for a while now, sorry for not updating this page. The production is well underway.

    If you missed out on the limited edition and wanted one of these watches, I will be making non-limited edition tourbillon watches as well. I’ll be posting an update soon about how to pre-order a regular version of this watch.


    ***Update April 27, 2014*** The project has received enough supporters to move forward! Thanks so much to the people who have signed up to get a Limited Edition Tourbillon watch! You have made this happen! I still do have 7 watches available in the limited edition, so if you are interested, please contact me! Also please note since the project is going forward, I will not be taking just a deposit for the remaining watches available, I will be taking the full payment.


    The Project

    So you may have recently seen my prototype Lydian Tourbillon watch through my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. I’ve decided I would really like to be able to offer this watch in stainless steel, but I need your help. In order to make this happen, I’m going to be creating a limited edition run of these watches to help fund the creation of the stainless steel cases. As many who regularly follow me on social media know, I don’t make my own stainless steel cases due to the cost and storage of the necessary tools(ie, very large, loud, and dirty CNC millng machines and lathes). So I have someone make these cases for me which also helps to keep the price of the watches at a reasonable level. I do most of the rest of the watch myself including the dial making, assembly of the watch, and the testing of the watch. I don’t currently make my own straps, but there will be more to come on that front, later this year hopefully.

    What I am looking to do is create a limited edition of 30 pieces of the watch pictured in this post with some very minor changes. Here are the specs for the watch I am proposing:

    – 44mm diameter(15mm thick), 316L stainless steel case, 5ATM water resistance, 7mm diameter crown with the my logo etched on the end(current crown pictured without logo), caseback is currently devoid of text but the stainlees steel version will have text which reads ‘Tourbillon movement’, ‘stainless steel case’, ‘5 ATM’, the number within the edition(ie. 01/30), and also my logo.  Caseback will also change from having six screws to being a full screwback with square notches where the screws currently are.

    – front sapphire crystal with interior AR coating, back mineral crystal

    – 1 minute flying tourbillon movement, 28800 vph, silver colour, 40 hour power reserve, Chinese made (gold colour movement is pictured, but this will change to be silver)

    – oxidized brass ‘Lydian’ style dial with Swiss super-luminova in the hour markers, seconds markers, logo, and hands

    – my premium leather strap in your choice of brown or black, 22mm lug width, with stainless steel dual deployment clasp(regular tang clasp available if you don’t want the deployment)

    – my standard 2 year warranty

    Please note that all pictures in this post are of my prototype watch for this project which is made out of solid sterling silver. I intend the stainless steel version to be near identical to this, other than the points mentioned in the specs listed above.


    I really wanted to be able to give those who are wanting to support me and this project a very special deal. Normally I don’t give discounts or such because I try and price my work as low as I possibly can and still make money to put food into me and family’s mouths. But for this project, to get it off the ground, I’m giving some special pricing. The price for each watch will be $850 in Canadian funds + shipping or any applicable taxes. After this my normal price for a tourbillon watch will fall in the $1100 – $1200 range.


    An ideal time frame for this project would be about 4 months from start to finish. It really depends on if and/or how quickly I can get supporters. 4 months is the ideal timeline, but there may be unforeseen circumstances which may arise that pushes the timeline back a bit.


    If you are interested in having one of these limited edition tourbillon watches, I will taking deposits to secure your position starting immediately. If for some reason the project doesn’t not reach the supporter goal, your deposit will be fully refunded. I’m looking to have the project open for taking deposits for maximum 6 weeks from when I take the first deposit, so if the project doesn’t get enough people within that timeline, your deposit will be fully refunded. After the deposit stage is complete and I have the minimum number of supporters, I will require the remaining balance to be paid in order to fund the project. At that point, I’m looking at the time frames for building which are discussed in the Timeline section above.

    In Conclusion

    I would really love to be able to start making tourbillon watches, but I really need your help to get this project off the ground. If you are interested in having one of these limited edition timepieces handcrafted by me, please send me an email(scott@wilkdesigns.com) or give me a call(416-880-4960). Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support of my watchmaking endeavours!

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